Cyberpunk 2077 wasn’t the best premiere ever. Expectations were huge and the number of errors in the beginning was even greater. Many players complained CD . project RED makes promises that the studio hasn’t lived up to it. It’s been almost a year since the premiere and many bugs have been fixed. As a leading leaker in the course of the game knows, a lot of new features will be introduced to it.

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What’s new in Cyberpunk?

The leaker in question is Tyler McVicker, who wrote about the leaks and information Even Forbes. It announces really interesting changes in Cyberpunk 2077, although it doesn’t give an exact release date for any of them. It’s also not surprising, after all, that update dates rarely fall into the hands of leakers.

Multiplayer coming to Polish production soon?

So what can we expect in Cyberpunk 2077? McVicker highlights several aspects, perhaps the most important of which is the multiplayer mode, which was announced several months before the official premiere. According to the internet developer, the multiplayer mode theme is back in the wallpaper at CD Projekt RED headquarters.

This also clarifies the new operating rules of the Polish studio, which are supposed to enter into force at the beginning of 2022. After implementing the new assumptions in CD Projekt RED, the branches should operate more efficiently, be better connected, more productive, and therefore, precisely Cyberpunk 2077 improved.

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Here is a list of the most interesting changes that the Polish studio will release in the future:

  • Almost every system in the game will be reworked over the next few years
  • The police system must be completely rebuilt
  • Factions have to remember our decisions and actions, i.e. the effect on their behaviour
  • The NPC system is undergoing a rebuilding process to give the characters more character and life
  • The transmission system is coming to the game
  • The damage system will have to be reworked, more specifically, Cyberpunk will receive a system that gives one faction resistance to damage of a certain type, etc.
  • Possibility to customize your apartment
  • Two big additions
  • The multiplayer mode focused on the game in cooperation