In the past, it mainly performed the functions related to hygiene. Today, it is also used to relax, play the role of a home spa or boudoir.

Bathing area areas

Designers are happy to divide the bathroom into functional areas. They organize the interior, increase the comfort of use and improve aesthetics. Partition walls are a help. Also popular are symbolic ‘borders’ marked with a different color, material or lighting.

In the typical arrangement of the shower room, different colors of the walls and a pane of glass were used between the area, which is used a lot during the day, and those used to calm and relax.

In the first anthracite-tiled part, we have two large basins with elegant Algeo Square tabletop faucets, massive mirrors and a practical cosmetic mirror on the pull-out arm. This location of the sink area means that it is always easy to reach, even when another family member occupies the “relaxation area”.

You can also take a quick shower at any time, and even pamper yourself with instant rejuvenation in the rain, which is possible thanks to the Trevi Deluxe Collection consisting of a rain shower with a slim disc head (diameter 30 cm), a shower with a 3-function handle and a thermostatic mixer with hot water stop stop Safe at 38°C.

It is known that for a long break – in the “home spa” specially located at the back of the shower parlour – you need to reserve more time. This area is brightly colored. It has a wonderful view from the window. The star interior is a freestanding bathtub with a slim, freestanding Fiesta mixer to match.

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Bathrooms may refer to earlier cabinets. They are interestingly furnished shower rooms with many accessories, reminiscent of a living room rather than a place for spa treatments.

In a white brick arrangement—with a bathtub, modern four-hole Algeo Square faucet and washbasin with standing faucet (also Algeo Square)—the designer created a private nook with an elegant dressing table. This is a place where makeup can be done easily. Here you can also browse your favorite magazine, read a book, plan the next day, etc. In such a calm entourage, good ideas are easy to find. The spirit of the old times is brought in by the elegant wooden armchair. The palm tree adds positive energy.

In the gray composition, the entertaining role of the shower parlour is emphasized by a gray sofa that adapts to the surroundings. Freestanding bathtub with modern Adore White / Chrome faucet with four holes will ensure a comfortable bathroom. There are a lot of eye-catching motifs, such as a strip of 3D tiles with floral motifs. A faucet was chosen for the stone basin, as was the bathtub model, which interestingly combines white and chrome.

in a small bathroom

And if we don’t have a lot of space for a shower salon? It turns out that functional zones can be created in a small room.

An example of a white bathroom with original black fixtures. Thanks to the partially glazed walls, it is divided into a relaxation area with a rain shower and a shower, and a “hygienic” area. The first features the Rondo Black sliding shower set with rain shower, as well as the Algeo Black wall-mounted shower mixer. An Algeo Black faucet is located in the wash-basin area.

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The article uses Ferro brand arrangements and products.

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