Issue cafe attack هجوم In Poland he appeared in public two weeks ago. At the time, the head of the Prime Minister’s Chancellery, Mikhail Dorczyk, stated that the relevant state services had been informed regarding reports of intrusion into his email and his wife’s mailbox, as well as their social media accounts. . He also stressed that “there was no confidential, proprietary, classified or top-secret information in the email inbox that was the subject of the hacked attack.”

Müller On Tuesday, TVP1 was asked whether the head of the Prime Minister’s Chancellery should bear any consequences, the government spokesman replied, there is no doubt about it. As he indicated, we are talking about a cyber attack from the territory of the Russian Federation and similar attacks took place in Great Britain, the USA and France. So we are the victims of this attack. Anyway, we will soon be victims of more disinformation activities, so there is absolutely no doubt here minister Dworczyk suffered the consequences, only that we have to defend ourselves against what comes, unfortunately, from the eastern part of Europe – Mueller was speaking.

He also announced that “details of information regarding the number and scope of this week will be publicly available.” We want to show the scale of this attack immediately after these latest analyzes are made, so that everyone knows that it is not only about Minister Dworczyk, but really many people, regardless of political colours. announced.

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The cyber attacks were the subject of the classified segment of the House session on Wednesday, during which government information on the matter was presented.

Kaczyński on cyber attacks

On Friday, Deputy Prime Minister Jaroslav KaczynskiAnd the He is also the head of the Defense and National Security Committee, said in a statement that after reading the information provided to him by the Homeland Security Agency and the military counterintelligence service, he “informed us that the most important Polish officials, ministers and deputies of various political options were subjected to a cyberattack.”

“An analysis of our services and the secret devices of our allies allows us to make this clear attack Cybernetic was carried out from the territory of the Russian Federation. Their scope and scope are wide ”- Kaczyński emphasized in a statement. He emphasized that at the moment, demonstration activities are being carried out, in addition to securing evidence.