AiO computers are still not quite as popular as they deserve. Perhaps the MSI Modern AM271P 11M will change that. Both visually and technically, it presents itself top notch.

MSI Modern AM271P 11M is a 21st century ready AiO computer

An AiO computer is actually a monitor with a computer inside. Therefore, it would be strange to start with something else, the more this element caught the eye and did it very effectively. Designer footprint, aesthetic band with manufacturer logo and slim bezel around the screen MSI Modern AM271P 11M It looks modern and elegant, which shows that we are dealing with much expected and dependable equipment.

It looks like a monitor, it’s a computer.

Well, but the casing is a casing, and more importantly what is hidden inside. What you are looking for is 27 inch IPS screen with Full HD resolutionThat is, 1920 x 1080 pixels. This type of matrix means bright, faithfully reproduced colors and wide viewing angles, and high resolution, in turn, provides a large working area and good detail. So you can easily place two windows next to each other, and when watching movies after hours, you can easily see all the important details, not without reason captured by the camera operator.

Since this word has already been said, it is impossible not to mention it In the set with this computer, you will also find a full HD webcam. Thanks to it, you can easily participate in the company conference, but you can also chat with friends at your leisure. It records images in high quality and you can count on the same high quality when it comes to audio. In the MSI Center app, you can configure the microphone so that your voice is heard clearly and background noise does not interfere with the conversation.

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MSI Modern AM271P 11M WebcamTo protect your privacy, you can remove the webcam at any time.

You can rest assured of the performance

Although all components in the monitor housing are sealed, the MSI AM271P 11M can surprise you with its performance. This is primarily because of Core in the form of the Tiger Lake generation Intel Core processor (Often it’s a quad-core Intel Core i7-1165G7 processor clocked at 2.8 GHz.) In the company 16 GB of DDR4 RAM It provides an environment for efficient work even in these most demanding applications. And in the event that the memory decreases over time, you can replace it and expand it up to 64 GB.

Depending on the specific model, the computer will give you 256 or 512 GB SSD. If that is not enough for you, you can expand your storage space easily and hassle free. All you have to do is put the 2.5″ medium into a special slot on the back of the case, which you can access after only one screw is unscrewed. This is the so-called rapid storage system for upgrade.

Quick connectors are the proverbial decoration on the cake

When you need an extra workspace, You can use the HDMI output to connect an additional monitorThus creating a multi-screen environment. (As a side note: The MSI Modern AM271P 11M can also work as a regular monitor if you connect it to another computer or laptop via the HDMI input). Among the connectors available, you will also find USB 3.2 Gen 2 type A and USB type C ports. They provide fast data transfer and allow you to connect additional peripheral devices.

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You will be online Via LAN port or (wireless) via Wi-Fi 6. Also worth noting is the built-in Bluetooth 5.1 module

MSI Modern AM271P 11M WallpaperThis is what it looks like from the back.

Work environment at the level

As we’re slowly getting closer to the end, let’s go back for a moment to the question of width. When using the monitor for work or study, it is especially important that it provides not only high image quality, but also comfortable and hygienic conditions. Here, the manufacturer was able to meet these requirements thanks to three features: Function Anti-flicker eliminates screen flicker, while less blue light reduces blue light emission to a minimumAnd the anti-glare coating means you don’t have to strain your eyes, even in a brightly lit room.

The adjustable structure also has a positive effect on the ergonomics. You can adjust the appropriate height (within 13cm) and screen tilt (from -4 to 20 degrees). Remember that the top of the screen should be at eye level.

Work culture also largely determines whether a computer is performing well. MSI Modern AM271P 11M is really stable and quiet at the same timeWhat the Silent Pro cooling system takes care of. Airflow is optimized to allow heat to escape out as quickly as possible – so that computer components don’t overheat. The kit also includes a server level cooling unit.

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Why buy an All-In-One PC?

The All-In-One is an alternative to both “stationery” and typical laptops. On the one hand, it takes up much less space than the first, on the other – it provides more working space than laptops. With limited space, and at the same time greater needs, it seems to be a very reasonable choice.

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Happy Holidays with MSI

This computer (along with other AiOs in the recent series, as well as select monitor models) is one of the products included in the MSI holiday promotion. If you purchase it between December 1 and December 31, 2021, you will receive a light bar and access to a fitness app for a month as a gift. More details can be found on the official website of the procedure.

MSI ترقية Upgrade

It’s definitely worth it too Join the MSI Loyalty Program – You can exchange the collected points for different prizes later. Also check out the producer’s YouTube channel, they’re waiting for you Movies like this, And Instagram profile.

This article was written in collaboration with MSI.