“We must say it out loud: Russia is fascist,” reads the title of a text published in the New York Times that infuriated the famous Russian preacher Vladimir Solovyev. In his program, he discussed the topic of the professor’s article. Timothy Snyder. He said, “If these idiots teach in universities, then most of the nation must be idiots.” As stated by Donald Trump.

Timothy David Snyder is an American historian and professor at Yale University. He specializes in the history of modern nationalism and the history of Central and Eastern Europe. He wrote an article in the New York Times describing Russia as a fascist state. Snyder’s script infuriated Russian preacher Vladimir Soloviev, who runs his own program on the pro-Kremlin channel Russia 1.

The whole event was described and analyzed by journalist Julia Davis of “The Daily Beast”, who monitors the Russian propaganda message on a daily basis.

“He is a pseudo-professor from a pseudo university,” Solovyov exclaimed. – He knows nothing, understands nothing. He is an ordinary liar, and he calls Russia a fascist state.

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Vladimir Solovyev hit Donald Trump

He told the Americans, “Listen up, you bastards.” – I will tell you a secret: first of all, your signs (referring to fascism in Russia – ed.) are by nature stupid signs. Second, given the evidence you mentioned, how is it different from the Donald Trump campaign? He even said “Make America Great Again” slogan. In February, Soloviev argued that he favored Donald Trump as President of the United States.

The Russian promoter also stated that “if idiots like Snyder teach in universities, then most of the nation must be idiots.”

Vladimir Solovyev is a Russian television and radio journalist, broadcaster, presenter of the channels “Russia 1” and “Rosiga 24”, and the Kremlin generously rewarded him. On April 22, 2014, he was awarded the Alexander Nevsky Medal “for professionalism and high objectivity in reporting events in the Republic of Crimea”.

The media wrote about his property, incl. When his possessions in Italy were occupied.

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