Senna Fry became the world’s first gold medalist in a short-track race. In turn, Christopher Blevins won the men’s first gold medal. Bortomig and Oak ranked thirty-first.

In the women’s race, the organizers of the World Championships in Val di Sole have prepared seven very short episodes. Unfortunately, no representative of Poland took part in the competition. After two laps up front, there was a larger group of eleven people, including Pauline Ferrand-Prevot, one of the favorites for the gold medal. However, during the vigil circle up front, there were four players, led by Evie Richards. Alongside her were Pauline Ferrand-Prefoot, Rebecca McConnell and Sina Fry, but the four of them had a slight advantage over the riders who chased them. In the fifth episode, Jolanda Nef and Linda Endergand took the lead. At that time, it was practically known that one of the competitors from this group of six would become the world champion. Entering the last lap, six riders were still in the lead. In the middle of the decisive episode, Cena Fry launched a powerful attack, which turned out to be the strongest and became the first short-track world champion in history. The Swiss was slightly ahead of Evie Richards at the finish line. Bronze was won by Pauline Ferran-Prevot, who only had a second against Fry and the same advantage over fourth Linda Endergand.


1 – Sina Fry (Switzerland)

2. Evie Richards (UK) +0:00

3. Pauline Ferrand-Prevot (France) +0:01

4. Linda Indergand (Switzerland) +0: 02

5. Jolanda Nef (Switzerland) +0:11

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6. Rebecca McConnell (Australia) +0: 19

7. Irina Popova (Ukraine) +0: 26

9. Jenny Risveds (Sweden) +0: 37

In the men’s competition at the beginning of the first line we saw one Pole, Bartomiej Wauak. Our representative, thanks to his good position during the start, was at the forefront of the race from the start. After three laps, Wauak was fifth, just one second ahead of Henrique Avancini. Unfortunately, the fourth cycle was much worse in our representative’s performance, putting him in 15th place. When urine stopped counting in the fight for the highest positions, the Sixth Circle formed a group of five, including Henrique Avancini, Ondrej Sinek, Maximilian Brandl, Christopher Blevins and Alan Hatherley. In the seventh episode, Brandl decided to attack on his own, thanks to which the German was able to gain a seven-second advantage over his rivals before the last lap. In the end, Brandel couldn’t keep up with the pace he set and was caught, but he was still driving in the lead. The battle for medals was decided at the end of the sprint. Christopher Blevins was the best at it. The silver medal fell to Henrique Avancini, and the bronze to the fugitive Maximilian Brandl. Partiumi Wawak was still losing ground in the second part of the competition and finished his start in 31st place.


1 – Christopher Blevins (USA)

2. Henrique Avancini (Brazil) +0: 02

3. Maximilian Brandl (Germany) +0: 02

4. Ondrej Cink (Czech Republic) +0: 03

5. Alan Hatherly (South Africa) +0:05

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6. Martins Blooms (Latvia) +0: 17

7. Jens Schuermans (Belgium) +0: 21

8. Filippo Colombo (Switzerland) +0: 21

31. Portumage and Oak +1: 32

In the morning, there was a competition between the juniors in the Olympic cross country race. In women, the French dominated the podium. Line Burquier won the gold and Olivia Onesti took the silver. Sarah Courtinovis took the slightest step on the podium, fighting with Onste for the silver medal to the last metres. Kingauer was 27th, Katarzyna Prazczak 47th, and gold medalist Adrian Puechis in the junior class. The French dominated the race, ahead of second Camilo Andres Gomes by more than a minute. Niels Ebersold won the bronze medal. Filip Przuska is ranked 52nd. On the other hand, Maksymilian Wiśniowski is ranked 71st.

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