On Sunday, April 4, the new PGE Ekstraliga motorcycle race season will begin. On this occasion, we present the most important transfers in our opinion, show the composition of the teams and not forget the important regulation changes. Will anyone stop Fogo Onia Leszno this year?

A few words about the 2020 season

2020 was a difficult year for everyone, including motorcyclists, most of whom were forced to live in Poland. The season was long overdue and did not start until June, and matches were played every week. In the end, the results are as expected, although there were many surprising events along the way, such as the failure of the distribution box in Gorzów, or the famous problems with the path in Czstochowa. Fogo Onía Leszno, who dominated the PGE Extraliga matches, became the Polish champion for the fourth time in a row. The biggest surprise was the absence of Eltrox Włókniarz Czowastochowa in the semi-finals, and it was this team that was said to be able to break Leszno’s dominance. ROW Rybnik, who had only won one match, said goodbye to PGE Ekstraliga in a bad manner.

The online winner of Apator Toruń is back

After a year-long break, eWinner Apator Toruń returns to PGE Ekstraliga, which in 2019 scored its first ever Premier League relegation. As expected, Toru dominated last year’s e-winner in the premier MotoGP league. The Angels have built an interesting team for the 2021 season. Bowie Przedbinski, a student of Apator, is back in the squad after two years of driving with the colors of Eltrox Włókniarz Częstochowa. In addition, Robert Lambert and younger Carol Chubinsky were brought. The squad also includes brothers Jack and Chris Holder, Tobias Musilac and Adrian Medzinski.

Changes in regulations

The PGE Ekstraliga authorities decided to introduce a major change in the regulations regarding match formations for teams. In the next season, at least one contestant in Motorcycle Racing up to the age of 24 must appear in the team’s squad, whether he is Polish or foreign. However, it should be noted that if he is Polish then he does not meet the maximum number of Polish players on the team, which It still had to be four (two juniors and two adults). This change caused a sensation, frustrated many teams’ plans and led to unexpected transfers. The role appears to be the strongest contender in the position is eWinner Apator Toruń, with the role to be played by Robert Labmert, who had a very successful season.

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Favorite candidate is Fogo Unia Leszno

Although Fogo Unia lost two players (Bartosh Smekta and Dominic Kopyra) and their budding squad does not look as impressive as it was in previous years, thanks to the hiring of Jason Doyle and the massive strengthening of the first team, he has once again become the main favorite in the tournament. And the actions of Betard Sparta Wrocław, who has been trying to win the prestigious gold medal in the Polish team championships for several years, are also working very well. In 2021, they will be helped by Artiom Łaguta, who, alongside Maciej Janowski and Tai Woffinden, should be the main character of Club Wrocław. Don’t forget Moje Bermuda Stali Gorzów and Eltrox Włókniarz Częstochowa. The inhabitants of Gorzo strengthened themselves with Martin Vaculik, the residents of Chistuchova built an interesting team and even with two powerful leaders (Leon Madsen and Frederick Lindgren) and a strong youth formation.

Who will fall?

ZOOLESZCZ DPV LOGISTIC GKM Grudziądz appears to have the lowest ratings, which after losing Artiom Łaguta did not sign an equally strong player. Grudziądz citizens have to pin their hopes on the good and equal leadership of Nikki Pedersen and Kenneth Pierre and in finding their shape by Krzysztof Kasprzak and Przemysław Pawlicki, who in recent years have been well below expectations.

Important transfers

In the past transition period, we’ve seen some interesting changes. We chose the ones that can be considered the most interesting, because they arouse a lot of emotions and should greatly influence the outcome of a particular team.

Artiom Łaguta (Grudziądz -> Wroclaw)

By far the most exciting move was last fall. The Russian in the past six years had GKM Grudziądz’s colors and seemed impossible to get him out of there. However, throughout his Grudziądz career, Łaguta was never able to advance with GKM to the semi-finals of PGE Ekstraliga, and the team built by Grudzidz activists for the 2021 season also offers no such guarantees. Certainly, apart from the money itself, which is definitely much larger in Wroclaw than it was in Grudziądz, Betard Sparta Wrocław has enticed Artiom Łaguta with seeing a very strong team, which will definitely aim to win the Polish team championship.

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Martin Vaculik (Zielona Góra -> Gorzów)

Another interesting transfer move from November 2020. After two years at Zielona Góra, the Slovak decided to move, or have already returned (competing in Gorzów in the 2017-2018 seasons – Editor’s Note), to Stal Gorzów. Martin Vaculik will undoubtedly increase the value of the Gorzo team, and besides Bartosz Zammarzelik, he should be the captain of the team.

Jason Doyle (Chestuchova -> Leszno)

For a long time it seemed that Jason Doyle in the 2021 season would compete in the eWinner Apator Toruń, who had a valid contract (in the 2020 season, he was loaned to Eltrox Włókniarz Częstochowa – Editor’s note), but due to the mandatory referee offering to the U24 player in the squad, the Australian had to look for New team. Ultimately, and quite unexpectedly, the choice fell on Fogo Unia Leszno, as he will want to rebound after the unsuccessful 2020 season in the colors of Częstochowa.

Matthews Serniak (Tarnow -> Lublin)

After graduating from Tarnów’s League, due to his young age and very good results, in 2020 he was one of the most wanted players, and most PGE Ekstraliga clubs fought for his transfer. Looks like we’ll be seeing Serniak in the colors of Pittard Sparta Wroclaw, but he ended up in Lublin, where he must create with Wiktor Lampar one of the strongest emerging couples in the league.

Bartosh Smekta (Leszno -> Czestochowa)

One of the most unexpected transfers. Leszno residents don’t seem to want to let their student change club, which has a very good season behind, and who is also a very likely player. However, the differences between Fogo Unia and Bartosz Smektaa were used by the inhabitants of Czstochova, who managed to persuade “Smyk” to start with the colors of “Lwów”. Smektaa usually feels very well on the track in Czstochova, which could make him a very strong point in his team.

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Team formations

Fogo Onia Leszno

Jason Doyle (Australia)
Janusz Kolodzig
Jason Ledsey (Australia) – U24
Piotr Paulycky
Emil Sagvotdino (Russia)
Szymon Szlauderbach – U24

Casper Blaudra
Damian Ratajzak
Krzysztof Sadorsky

Coach: Piotr Barron

My Bermuda Shorts Stal Gorzów

Marcus Berkimus (Denmark) – U24
Raphael Carkzmars – U24
Under Thompson (Denmark)
Martin Vakulika (Slovakia)
Szymon Woźniak
Bartosz Zamroslik

Wiktor Jasiński
Camille Nowaki
Kamil Pytlewski

Coach: Stanislav Chomsky

Pittard of Sparta Wroclaw

Daniel Bewley (UK) – U24
Chujunov Gleb – U24
Maciej Janowski
Artyom Lagota (Russia)
Tay and Venden (Great Britain)

Michel Corsetec
Przemislav Liska
Matthews Panics

Coach: Dariush Khalido

Fallopaz Zilona Jura

Patrick Dudek
Max Frick (Australia)
Jan Kvech (Czech Republic) – U24
Vaclav Milik (Czech Republic)
Damian Pauliçak – U24
Piotr Protasiewicz
Matthews Toner – U24
Matij Zaggar (Slovenia)

Casper Grzillac
Jacob Usczka
Fabian Ragus
Nile Tuft

Coach: Piotr Żyto

Eltrox Włókniarz Częstochowa

Jonas Gibsen (Denmark) – U24
Frederick Lindgren (Switzerland)
Leon Madsen (Denmark)
Bartosh Smecta – U24
Kacper Woryna

Patrick Kwalek
Partomij Kowalski
Camille Kroll
Jacob Martinique
Jacob Mecofiac
Matthews Shwednicki

Coach: Piotr Schwedersky

Motor Lublin

Krzysztof Buczkowski
Yaroslav Humble
Mark Carrion (Russia) – U24
Gregory Lagota (Russia)
David Lampart
Mikel Michelsen (Denmark)

Matthews Serniak
Wiktor Firmuga
Victor Lampart
Maksymilian herring
Jacob Szpetma

Coach: Jacek Zyukowski


Kenneth Pierre (Denmark)
Krzysztof Kasprzak
Norbert Krakow – U24
Roman Lashbaum (Russia) – U24
Przemislav Paolik
Nikki Pedersen (Denmark)

Matthews Bartkoviak
Kacper Łobodziński
Denis Zelensky

Coach: Janusz lączka

eWinner Apator Toruń

Peter Schlubek (Czech Republic) – U24
Jack Holder (Australia)
Chris Holder (Australia)
Igor Kubisch-Supchynsky – U24
Robert Lammert (UK) – U24
Adrian Medzinsky
Tobias Musilac
Bowie Przedbinski

Krzysztof Lewandowski
Marcinik full
Justin Stolpe
Carol Zubinsky

Coach: Tomash Bajarsky