More than three hundred girls participated in the opening of the next edition of the “Mistress in Schools” program in Repin on Thursday. The students practice, among others with the campaign organizer, Otyla Jędrzejczak, Beata Mikołajczyk-Rosolska, Iga Baumgart-Witan, Luiza Złotkowska and Natalia Maliszewska.

“I am glad we are starting this unique project next year and starting again in the Kuyavian-Pomeranian Voivodeship. We missed this project, but I think the students missed too. I am proud of that again in agreement with the Ministry for Culture, National Heritage and Sports, but also with the Prefecture Kuyavian-Pomeranian, we can implement this project “- said Jędrzejczak.

Olympic champion from Athens invited Rypin, three-time Olympic rowing medalist Mikołajczyk-Rosolska, two-time Olympic medalist in speed skating Złotkowska, Maliszewska Prize-winning short track specialist and multimedia winner of the European Championships and the World Championships in Baum 400 m relay.

“I love such meetings. Moreover, it is great to work with Otylia, because she is a wonderful woman. The girls participating in the classes ask about many things. They are interested not only in sports. They are daring and talk to us about private matters as well. Quickly reduce the distance between students And the athletes, because it is not about promoting us, but transferring great models to the younger generation ”- the athlete noted.

According to Mikołajczyk-Rosolska, physical education lessons do not have to be boring and a lot depends on how you plan them.

“I loved PE. It was my favorite subject in school. Apart from mathematics” – she added with a smile.

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The idea behind the project is to activate the students of the last two years of primary and secondary schools. In this age group, girls’ absenteeism from physical education classes is most common.

“Before coming here, I asked the coach not to worry, because I will definitely do a good training. I know it’s a good initiative. It’s a great event, from which I brought a lot of positive energy” – confirmed Maliszewska. (PAP)

Author: Tomasz Więcławski

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