Artificial intelligence and politics are very controversial topics. But what if we asked to connect one to the other? It turns out that the results can be quite interesting.

Politicians are in few places the most respected social group. togetherE artificial intelligence It provokes a lot of controversy, and its well-known critic, for example, Elon Musk. But how will people respond when asked if they would rather be ruled by AI instead Policy? Assuming, of course, that it will be able to access the exact same data. It turns out that a lot of people are very supportive of this idea. Of course, it depends on the place – in driving changes of this kind China As many as 75% would be happy to welcome such a reality. at United States of America Up to 60% oppose.

And as in Europe? As many as 51% would like to exchange politics with artificial intelligence. The largest number of such people is found in countries famous for their political scandals, and therefore – a very low trust in politicians. This is because Spain (66%) and Italy (59%) are in the lead. Estonia ranks third with 56%, but here it must be remembered that this country is very supportive of technical innovations. There you can even vote online. Established democracies such as the United Kingdom (69% against), the Netherlands (56% against) and Germany (54% against) oppose this.

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Text source: ie university via cnbc