Worldwide, 3.2 billion doses of COVID-19 vaccines have already been administered in 190 countries. Most people in China, India and the USA have been vaccinated. In terms of population, countries like the United Arab Emirates, Malta and Israel are the leaders, according to Our World in Data.

Data collected on July 5 shows that there is still significant variation in the number of people vaccinated across countries. 1.3 billion doses have been reported in China, followed by India with 347 million doses. The United States ranks third with 330 million vaccines.

At the same time, only the first vaccines reached some countries, especially Africa. It is still such countries where the situation is tragic, because they have not yet received any preparations.

Who is more vaccinated?

To date, 41.3 doses of the vaccine have been administered to every 100 people worldwide. In this regard, the smaller countries are leading. In the United Arab Emirates, 157.1 doses per 100 people have already been administered, in Malta – 154.6, in Israel – 125. This coefficient in Chile is 120, and in Mongolia – 116. So far in China, 90.5 doses per 100 people are administered, in India – 25.2, and in the United States – 98.9.

In Europe, the leaders are Great Britain (118.1 doses), Hungary (101.9), Belgium (95.4), the Netherlands (93), Spain (91.5), Austria (89.8) and Italy (88.7). In Poland, 79.3 doses were used per 100 population, similar to Sweden (80.9) and the Czech Republic (79.4). Low vaccination coverage on our continent remains in Denmark – (55.2 doses per 100 people), Romania (46.8) and Russia (29.3).

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Vaccination against COVID-19 is most delayed in Africa and some countries in Asia and South America. In Japan, 38.8 doses were given per 100 people, in Australia – 32.2, Pakistan – 7.9, and in Iran only 6.8.

Vaccinations save lives

The upbeat news is that in countries where the most vaccinations have taken place, the number of hospitalizations and severe COVID-19 cases are declining. The United Kingdom reported the largest number of coronavirus infections since January 2021, with nearly 29,000, on Tuesday, but only 37 deaths were reported. In January, 1,000 people died there every day from COVID-19.

Data from many countries, such as the United Kingdom, the United States, Italy and Israel, shows that hospitals with symptoms of coronavirus only go to people who have not been vaccinated. Experts warn that unvaccinated people will be the main victims of COVID-19 in the next fourth wave. Doctors and experts expect the fourth wave in August at the latest in September or October.

The fourth wave of the epidemic has reached Portugal, despite the gradual immunization