Ramstein Legacy 2022 exercises are taking place. Pilots from Krzysen are also taking part.

One of the exercise sites is the 31st Tactical Air Base in Krzysini. Two Turkish F-16s have arrived in Poznan. Polish and Turkish F-16 pilots take part in a joint exercise. The pilots do not hide that the scenario of the exercises was affected, among other things, by the situation in Ukraine. We’ve made a similar assumption before. We know where the potential impact could come from. This is how we were also trained in America on the F-16. We always knew who our potential opponent was – Colonel Bell. Łukasz Piątek, commander of the 31st Tactical Air Base in Krzesiny.

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These planes show that NATO is here and send a signal – We are here – Added exercise director brig. Ömer Nafiz Gülmezoglu, Deputy Chief of Staff for AIR COM Planning for NATO Allied Air Force Command.

The exercises are taking place in Poland and three other Baltic states from May 30 to June 12. It is carried out on the territory of Poland and three other Baltic states using the airspace, the basin and the Baltic Sea region. The purpose of the NATO-sponsored Integrated Air Defense Missile Forces exercise is to train the command and command structures of NATO in the integration of aircraft operations and ground-based air defense procedures, as well as the continuous development of the multidisciplinary interoperability of Allied forces targeting the Alliance’s combined defense in accordance with the SACEUR strategy of deterrence and defense (Commander Highest for Allies in Europe) Notifies the General Command of the Armed Forces. The missions will be carried out in different European countries, based on real and complex circumstantial conditions – He adds.

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According to the announcement, the RAMSTEIN LEGACY 22 exercises will end with the firing of combat missiles at the training areas of the Central Air Force in Ustka.