Belarusian dissident Bowi Siwarenik sentenced a court in Mogilev to seven years in prison in a maximum security prison. He has been in detention since June 2020. The court also sentenced six other activists to prison terms of 4 to 7 years.

Siwarents was arrested due to a sit-in in June of last year during the campaign ahead of the presidential elections in Belarus, which were taking place at the time. He was convicted of “organizing mass riots”.

Along with Siewiaryscy they also stood before the court: Maksim Winiarski, Dzmitryj Kazłou, Andrej Wojnicz, Pawe Juchniewicz, Jauhien Afnahiel and Iryna Szczasna.

Authorities accused them – Different people have different accusations – Participation in riots, preparing people to participate in riots, financing these activities, and organizing mass actions that seriously violate public order.

Contradictory information about Raman Pratasevic’s health. The movie was published

Contradictory information about Raman Pratasevic's health.  The movie was published

The court sentenced Avnahil and Wojnickz to seven years in prison. Juchniewicz, Winiarski and Kazłou were given five years, and Szczasna – four years.

The trial was confidential because – as the court had previously reported to – “case files are linked to information that is protected by law.” Even family members were not admitted to trial in Mogilev, eastern Belarus.

Belarusian human rights defenders admitted that all of the convicted were political prisoners.