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Crowds in Warsaw Castle Square protesting the ruling of the Constitutional Court

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The Constitutional Court, in its ruling, agreed to the application by the Prime Minister and ruled that the contested provisions of the Treaty on European Union, as specified in the application, were inconsistent with the Constitution. It concerns, among other things, the constitutionality of EU regulations in the field of competences that have not yet been transferred to the Community. The ruling also challenges European regulations regarding the possibility for domestic courts to adjudicate in breach of the constitution and on the basis of the repealed rules.

while 26 retired judges of the Constitutional Court issued a statementIn it, they decided to correct “many false statements contained in the judgment, its oral justification, and the comments of representatives of the political authority.”

“Polexit is fake news. This is a pernicious myth, used by the opposition to replace its lack of an idea of ​​Poland’s proper place in Europe” – the Prime Minister began his entry.

Such methods are used when one lives through fantasies rather than facts. When you want to deceive yourself and others

– added.

Manifestations of “We are staying”. This is how the Poles protest [GALERIA]

Mateusz Morawiecki on the ruling of the Constitutional Court: He made a similar statement in the past

Matthew Moraveki He noted that “after all, similar rulings were issued in France, Denmark, Germany, Italy, the Czech Republic, Spain or in Romania“(In many cases it was a matter of specific cases, for example, the French Council of State in connection with data collection by mobile operators decided that the French Constitution remains superior to European law. In MEP – ed.).” They mentioned that EU institutions sometimes go beyond the competences granted to them in treaties – and conflict with national constitutions. The Polish Constitutional Court has similarly stated in the past ” rz ± du. “All obligations under EU law remain in effect,” he added.

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leading He also wrote that the union was too serious about “society taking him into the realm of fairy tales”. “It is a place of mutual benefits, but also real challenges for all EU countries. Challenges to be solved by Poland as an entity” – he noted Matthew Moraveki.

Donald Tusk during a demonstration in Castle Square on 10.10.2021“we stay”. Tusk: The pseudo-court decided to take Poland out of the European Union