The Board of Directors of Moonlit SA together with its registered office in Krakow (the “Company”) hereby declare that it has established the initial terms of funding for the bridge (the “Agreement”), which may be granted by the game publisher to The Company, Model Builder, Green Man Gaming Limited, based in London, United Kingdom (“ the lender”). As a result of the company’s desire to obtain bridge financing from the production of the Model Builder game longer than planned, settlement periods with the Steam platform and work on further development ideas. At the same time, the Board of Directors notes that the investment made by the lender in the game Model Builder is expected to be repaid in the near future, which will cause the company to start receiving income from the sale of the game. Obtaining bridge financing will allow the company to conduct continuous operations until then.

The agreement provides for the possibility of granting a loan to the company up to the amount of 120,000.00 pounds sterling, with the possibility of converting the debt into shares of the company in the event that the loan is not repaid after its maturity. The agreement does not provide for interest on the loan. The loan maturity date will be March 31, 2023.
In order to ensure that the conditions in the agreement are fulfilled, the company plans to hold an extraordinary general meeting and introduce the articles of association for the possibility of capital increase within the authorized capital.

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The signing of the Agreement shall not constitute the signing of the Loan Agreement, the final terms of which will be the subject of other arrangements.

The company will keep abreast of the next stages of talks between the parties to the agreement.