August 1, 2021, 2:39 pm

author: Christian Smozna

Fans of black metal and widely understood action games. Dom loves, true love.

For two weeks now, I’ve been killing Geralt’s hand-work monsters in Witcher mobile. I like the game very much, although I hate the fact that the wizard is a housewife, and that it is easier to pay with real money than with virtual money in the store.

appeared on the Internet First revenue forecastWhat CD Projekt achieved in the first week of running the game The Witcher: The killer beastAnd one can assume an optimistic variant that in the future the Polish company will calculate profits from this production in millions of zlotys. This is not surprising to me, because although the first work of the Spokko studio is a captivating and interesting setting, it is clearly designed for the micro-propulsion system, which not only makes life easier here, but simply removes annoying barriers in the way of progress.

Adam in his country From the initial review Pogromcy potworw It was true, everything in it could be obtained without paying, which is an undeniable fact. With a lot of persistence, in this game it is possible to collect money for every device offered in a virtual store, although this usually takes from a few days to several days. Aside from the missions that offer meager and ultimate rewards sooner rather than later, the real attempt to earn money only starts from the 10th level of experience, when we are able to earn a blade of 200,220 gold coins per day. The basic silver sword, which we didn’t get at first, costs w the conquerors 1,800 gold coins, and this is only a drop in the sea of ​​needs, as they will fit larger equipment into baskets or buy additional crafting stations, so they can convert raw materials and collected ingredients into potions and oils.

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Without the aforementioned elixirs and lubricants, we have practically no chance of encountering the most powerful monsters, and the basics, as they often say, end in boredom. killer monster It quickly turns into a tough grind where patience is the most important trait. You can of course help yourself by calling your friends in the hope that they will send us packages, but there are relatively few ready-made items in these gifts. We will often get the above ingredients and herbs, and they must be processed ourselves and the circuit is closed.

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The game teaches that patience is the greatest virtue of a monster slayer. Or a wealthy wallet.

Despite this approach to the matter, v killer monster I play surprisingly well. I was hurting the developers, saying that I do not like this title, because in two weeks I have slaughtered more than 550 creatures and I am not bored. I’m really bothered only by what I described above, namely the lack of alternatives for getting cash, but here I do not expect any changes at all, because work with small payments should continue. More content would also be helpful and here I think it will be added in the future and will encourage me to come back when the time comes for this ruthless detox. It can also improve the catastrophic working of the app on iPhones. Apple owners have a real problem, because the game resets at a different frequency. Sometimes less often, sometimes more often, but the game just crashes and there is no start to the Android version, and the work at least for me is wasted.

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All in all, congratulations on a good start and hopefully more. The second half of the year will be much better for CD Projekt than the first half. killer monster It will guarantee stable profits, as long as people do not escape from this game, start the process codenamed DLC to Cyberpunk 2077 movie It might take a few weeks, and there are still revisions waiting the magician 3 mentioned Cyberpunk on the following genes. It is kept that way.

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