Monica Richardson, after breaking up with Zbigniew Zamachovsky, decided to return to her first husband’s surname. He never cared about his ex-wife using such characters. Now a former TVP journalist is trying to contact Will Richardson – she has an offer for him.

Monica Richardson And Will Richardson has been married for three years – they got married in 1995. They met in 1990, when the future TVP star traveled to Great Britain with her then-boyfriend to improve her language skills. They were staying with Will – after he divorced his wife, love came after a while. Monica Richardson would like to start working with him.

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Monica Richardson makes an offer to her ex-husband

The journalist has been working on an ambitious project for some time, and her dream has finally come true. She decided to invest the money in opening a language school in Ochota, Warsaw, and her close friend became her partner.

Monica Richardson has been dreaming of it for 20 years. You can learn English, Spanish and French at the facility. There are no rigid lessons, and the “students” are treated like guests absorbing knowledge about culture and language while watching movies and books.

Monica Richardson focuses on the conversation – she knows very well that people are afraid to speak a foreign language, and that making possible mistakes leads to complete paralysis. Therefore, it will be useful to speak an excellent mother tongue and here comes the number of the journalist’s ex-husband.

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– It would be great if Will was a native speaker in my English language school. We met while learning languages. If I can connect with him, I will invite him to this project – Monica Richardson said in an interview with “Fact”. Unfortunately, the ex-husband does not answer.

– I’m very grateful to him. I even wrote him a letter, but he didn’t receive it…maybe I got spam. Now I have this concept and I’m going to tell it through you – admits the journalist.

What is Will Richardson doing now? The guy has been living in Poland for many years. As reported by Fact, he runs his show There Is a Will on the English-language antenna of the right-wing Repubblica station. In the figure, he talks with many famous people from Poland and abroad – artists, journalists, politicians.