Kate French won the final contest of the Modern Pentathlon World Cup. Anna Maliszewska, who fought for the Olympic nomination, took 28th place away.

After yesterday’s fencing round, Egyptian Amira Kandil was in the lead, but today she was unsuccessful in maintaining the lead. She scored one point in the bonus round. After swimming, she was still in first place, although she only scored for the fifteenth time, jumping right behind her back in the fourth and sixth fencing in the Lithuanian pool of Eva Serapenite. Second place in fencing, Chinese girl Zgang Xiaonan, performed poorly in the pool, which as a result fell to the next place. The fastest in the 200m was Frenchman Elodie Clouvel (02/09/35), and Gulnaz Gubaydullina had traditionally had a perfect time.

It is also worth emphasizing the incredible feat of Rebecca Langres. In the rewards round, the German defeated as many as 13 competitors, a new world record. Interestingly, she placed 27th after the main round.

Horse riding was at a very high standard. Eight players have scored the full five points here, including Anika Schleo, Cloville, Candel, Fransica Summers. Al-Masry was the first to enter the race, ahead of Kate French by 25 seconds, who finished 17th in swimming and lost four points in the tournament. Around the same time, Serpenite and host actress, Michelle Golyas, went on tour around the same time. However, the Egyptian woman quickly lost her leadership position, eventually taking the 10th place. The French finally won the spirited competition at the cross country track and shooting range, being just six seconds ahead of Chleu and eight seconds ahead of Julias.

It was not the day of Anna Maliszewska today, however, after the duel, she was in last place. In the pool, she scored 2: 22.30 and was 30 after two competitions. The tournament was also not great, the Polish got 10 penalty points and exceeded the time limit by 13 seconds. I started the race in 28th position, after Qandil 1:44. Polish women maintained this position, but unfortunately this is not a reason for happiness. We expected more, especially since the place of Polish women in the Olympic standings, who had qualified for Tokyo, was under a big question mark.


1- Kate French (UK)

2 – Anika Schleu (Germany)

3 – Michel Golias (Hungary)

4 Mayan Oliver (Mexico)

5 – Natalia Cole (Ireland)

6 – Joanna Muir (Great Britain)

7 – Alice Sotero (Italy)

8 – Francesca Summers (Great Britain)


28. Anna Maliszewska

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