Modern kitchen in 2022? We suggest how it should look.

We’ve been describing it vaguely lately Interior design trends that will prevail in 2022. Now we want to focus on specific single rooms. At first glance, we decided to choose the kitchen. Often combined with the living room, it is the heart of the whole house. So what kitchen trends will be on top next year? How to arrange the kitchen so that it is modern and functional at the same time?

Modern Kitchen 2022 – Colors

In 2022, we’ll be slowly moving away from classic white kitchens. New arrangements will be more daring and non-standard. This time we will get to it The colors are often inspired by precious stones. Emerald, black and dark blue. White will still be present, albeit in smaller quantities. The most important thing in choosing the right color palette is moderation so that everything remains elegant and elegant. You will also be able to meet the so-called monochrome (We wrote about it in the last article). They will be present especially on kitchen cabinets. You’ll also find classic wooden facades here and there.

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Kitchen Trends in 2022 – Solids

W Modern kitchens in 2022 Particular emphasis will be placed on quality. The spaces will be designed with Solid and durable materialsIt guarantees high comfort in use. You will always look stylish, even despite frequent cleaning. materials such as: Sintering of quartz, granite, agglomerate, as well as strongly impregnated oak. They are resistant to scratches and various types of mechanical damage, so they will definitely serve us for a very long time. naturally In 2022, kitchens will offer plenty of space for pure and exclusive marble. Arrangements with his participation look very luxurious and tasty.

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Modern Kitchen 2022 – Decorative Handles

As we mentioned in the last article on interior design trends for 2022, style will be dominant common. Despite its simplicity, minimalist interiors will not be boring at all. This is due to the use of appropriate colours, shapes and accessories. In the kitchen, it will play all kinds of decorative functions handles. Installing them on simple cabinets will create an exceptionally interesting composition. Manufacturers offer a wide range of cabinet handles – there is really a lot to choose from.

What furniture will be fashionable in the kitchen in 2022?

The furniture that will dominate kitchens in 2022 is above all else Practical and easy-to-clean surfaces. Preferably smooth and satin and often dull. We’ll be able to notice that too interesting color combinations, Combine contrasting colors. White with black or blue also with marble. There is already a lot of literature. As mentioned above, it will be minimal, but it certainly isn’t boring! what about Kitchen island? Next year, we will meet more often in a simple way, Free standing kitchen islands. Their buildings are often made of classic marble or wood. Some of them will stand out More expressive colour. Not only does this island look very elegant, but it’s also a great space to work and prepare food. Stylish and practical!

Kitchen trends in 2022 – function above all

We’ll see a lot more next year Innovative technologies. Thanks to them, the kitchen has become more practical and pleasant to use. What technologies will we be able to meet? First of all, those who They prevent the transmission of any viruses and bacteria. We are talking here, for example, about touchless kitchen faucets and intuitive devices for controlling lighting and household appliances. Increasingly, we can also note innovative faucets that automatically allow access to boiling water or soda water. This solution saves a lot of time, especially if you want to drink your morning coffee quickly.

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to summarise, Modern kitchen in 2022 It’s basically functional, but it’s also a creative arrangement. We will not be afraid Stronger color accents and less standard solutions. Thanks to this, the designed spaces will be unique and spending time in them will become more enjoyable.