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On May 31, we reported it Marcin Doroczynski He’s probably working on a movie set Mission: Impossible Dead Account – Part Two, which will likely be the last part of the series. We based this conclusion on the director’s image Christopher MacquarieWho posted it on Twitter. It was Marcin Dorochinsky, accompanied by other actors. We also confirmed that the actor is in the UK, working on the film’s set, and has written about it himself on social media. However, he did not disclose any information about production. A new introduction appears to reinforce this speculation.

Mission: Impossible 8 – Dorociński in the cast?

When we first learned the fact that the Polish actor might be playing in a super production, we also showed a picture of the actor from his social media, in which he was accompanied by two of his mates from the set. June 9, 2022, Russian actor Ivan Ivashkin He announced on Instagram that he’s in the cast Mission: Impossible 7 And the 8. And here it becomes interesting, because in the photo from May this actor is accompanied by Marcin Dorochinsky! It is quite clear that the gentlemen are working together in the same group in Great Britain, otherwise it would be an unlikely coincidence.

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We don’t know any details about him Mission: Impossible 8. All we know is that the movie has been filmed in London since March 2022, and stars Tom Cruise in it. All plot details spoil, because they are closely connected with the events of the seventh installment.

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