Minister’s meetings with the academic community of Kalish


Interviews with the Rector’s College of the Kalisz Academy President Stanislav Wojciechowski and the promotion of officers at the University of Justice were the main points of Minister Przemyslav Czarnik’s visit to Kalisz.

Scholarship for Kalisz . Academy

During the meeting with the president of the university Kalish Academy Minister Przemyslaw Czarnik gave the university authorities a symbolic check in the amount of two million PLN. Support will be earmarked for rebuilding student housing in order to comply with COVID-19 related requirements. The Minister also visited the Institute of Excellence for Dental Wheel Research of the Kalish Academy.

Kalisz Academy is a public vocational university that was established in 1995 as a public vocational high school in Kalisz. Since last year, she has been working on behalf of the Kaliska Academy of President Stanislav Wojciechowski. There are 4 faculties: Faculty of Health Sciences, Faculty of Social Sciences, Faculty of Polytechnics, Faculty of Medicine, Social and Technical. Currently, the academy educates nearly 3,000 people. Students in 21 field of study. This year, as part of an educational initiative for excellence in Kalisz, Alma Mater received financial support in the amount of PLN 1 million. This scholarship is awarded each year to a maximum of 15 public career colleges, which achieve the best results in terms of the careers of their graduates. The Educational Excellence Initiative is a component of the implementation of the sustainable development plan, which assumes that every region in Poland, as well as every type of university – regardless of whether it is an academic or a professional university – must have the appropriate conditions for running.

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officer promotion

“Today’s ceremony, during which 267 prison officers received the promotion of an officer, is an honor for the dedicated service for the security of our homeland” – Minister Kazarnik said during the ceremony at University of Justice in Kalish. “I congratulate all those who have been honored with the Order of St. Paul the Apostle – the patron saint of the Prison Service. This is an expression of gratitude for the initiatives and actions taken in the interest of the Prison Service and the building of its spirit. I would also like to thank the entire academic community at the University of Justice,” the Minister added.

The College of Justice is a public professional university supervised by the Minister of Justice. It was established in 2018 as the College of Criminology and Prison Studies. It changed its name due to the expansion of the educational offer. In addition to commencing studies in the legal sciences major in 2020, the university also plans to undertake postgraduate studies in the field of mediation for probation officers. The educational offer of the school is currently directed not only to officers of the Prison Service, but also to a larger group of people interested in employment in the judiciary and executive authorities.

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