The official meetings of the Minister of Education and Science, Przemyslaw Kzarnik, were attended by: Ambassador of the Republic of Poland to France, Jan Emerick Rozyzewski, and Director of ORPEG, Justina Krales.

Visits to Polish schools in France

It takes a great deal of courage and patriotism to navigate Saturday after studying in a French school and studying in a Polish school, Minister Przemyslaw Czarnik said during meetings at Polish schools in France. The President of MEiN thanked the students for their commitment to learning the Polish language and gaining knowledge about Poland. He expressed his gratitude to teachers and parents for supporting their children’s education.

The Minister of Education and Science confirmed that students of Polish schools abroad can participate in the same programs as their peers in the country. These include “Laboratoria Przyszłość”, the National Reading Development Program 2.0 and “Active Board”.

Work is underway to enable Polish schools to participate in Get to know Poland: – We create legal and financial programs and solutions that facilitate this. We want you to receive money from Get to know Poland and visit places related to Polish culture, history and science – said Minister Przemyslaw Kzarnik, who encouraged you to participate in the project.

Visits to Polish schools and meetings with students, teachers and parents dominated the first day of the Minister of Education and Science’s visit to France. The president of MEiN visited the Polish School at the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Paris, which operates in the Diocese of St. Genowefy, and Polish teacher Adam Mickiewicz at the Polish Embassy in Paris.

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Polish School Adam Mickiewicz at the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Paris offers education in the field of primary and secondary schools. In the current academic year, 922 students are studying at the facility, of whom 857 are in elementary school and 65 are in high school. There are 23 teachers working. Classes are held on Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays.

In the Polish School of the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Paris, which operates in the parish of St. Geneva, there are 332 students, of whom 310 are in primary school and 22 are in secondary school. The school employs 9 teachers, and classes are held on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

The Polish Library in Paris

An important point for the Minister of Education and Science of the French capital was a visit to the Polish Library in Paris. The facility, founded in 1838, serves as a cultural and educational center. Its collections include unique works, archives and national memorabilia.

During his visit to the facility, the President of MEiN met with representatives of French Poland, including the President of the Polish Historical and Literary Association in France, Prof. Pierre Zaleski. He also announced an increase in support to the Polish Academy of Arts and Sciences, dedicated to the maintenance of the Polish Library in Paris.

John Paul II Catholic University Conference in Lublin

The President of MEiN also participated in the Conference of the Catholic University of Lublin, which was organized at the Polish Embassy in Paris. During the event, Minister Przemyslaw Czarnik presented the activities of the Ministry of Education and Science to educate the Polish diaspora and support Polish students and researchers.

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Minister Przemyslaw Czarnik noted that the education of the Polish diaspora has a special place in the educational policy of the state: – We support the Polish diaspora through our daily activities, such as the “Future Laboratories” program, thanks to which we equip schools abroad, and “Know Poland”, which offers Financial support trips to Poland, so that children can visit Polish cultural and scientific places.

In his speech, Minister Przemyslaw Czarnik also emphasized that the activities of representatives of the Polish community abroad in their places of work and residence are of inestimable value to Poland. At the same time, I announce further financial support for this activity: – We will invest in the Polish diaspora to support Polish schools and centers of culture and science. We want young people to be able to get scholarships that cover the costs of study and accommodation in Poland at selected universities. We want to use this potential – he said.

During the conference, said the rector of the Catholic University of Lublin Fr. the professor. Doctor Hub. Mirosław Kalinowski made an educational offer to the Polish diaspora in France and announced the launch of postgraduate studies and professional courses at the Catholic University of Lublin in Paris.

memorial sites

The Minister of Education and Science also visited memorials related to Polish culture and history. Together with a delegation from MEiN, he laid wreaths on the grave of Fryderyk Chopin in Père-Lachaise Cemetery and on the “Solidarity” plaque at Plac Inwalidów. The painting is a symbol of the Polish-French demonstrations after the introduction of martial law in Poland.

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