Minister Przemyslav Czarnik presented the prizes to the winners of the “Polish Heart Pękło” contest. Katyn 1940″


In this year’s third edition of the national competition “Polish Heart Pękło”. Katyn 1940 ”, young people can submit their works in four categories: art, literary, song text and lesson plan. The competition, initiated by Marshal of the House of Representatives, Elipita Witek, and Minister of Education and Science Przymyslav Kzarnik, member of the Honorary Committee, was very popular – a total of 2454 posts.

– We must form the position of opposition to all forms of slavery, totalitarianism and imperialism in the younger generation – said the MEiN Chairman of the Chamber of Deputies of the Republic of Poland during the festive celebration. The Minister of Education and Science stressed the role of historical truth in shaping common consciousness and collective memory. He also spoke about the need to develop appropriate attitudes, especially among young people – it is a beautiful form, worthy of honoring the victims of the Katyn massacre, and an excellent opportunity to spread historical knowledge and form patriotic attitudes among the younger generation. As Minister of Education and Science, I attach great importance to national projects.
In his speech, the head of the network referred to the tragedy of the Katyn massacre and its importance in the contemporary world. He stressed that today’s events in Ukraine are history repeating itself, and therefore interest in historical truth is of particular importance.

Contest “Polish Heart Pękło. Katyn 1940”

The competition is open to young people studying in secondary schools and – for the first time – students. The competition was conducted in four categories – art, literary, song text and lesson scenario. In the professional category, the participant’s task was to create a design medal (obverse and reverse) on the theme “Katyn – We Remember”, Literary – to prepare a written work on “The soul of the victims of the Katyn massacre in relation to the present day”. In the Lyrics category, the participant’s task was to prepare the script of a song dedicated to the Katyn massacre. The fourth category of this year’s edition of the competition required students to prepare a lesson plan on “Katyn – We Remember”. The competition committee was chaired by a. Tadeusch Walsa.

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Lesson plan for the class “Katen – remember”

Among the prize winners in the new category of the competition, Katarzyna Gołota (Gdańsk University) took first place, and Agnieszka Dudek (Opole University) took second place. The third place winner was Oskar Zavarović from the University of Warsaw.
The winners in the lesson scenario category received awards from the Minister of Education and Science A. Przemyslav Czarnik.

Honorary Committee

The Honorary Committee of the competition, chaired by the President of the Republic of Poland Andrzej Duda, consisted of: Marshal Sigm Elipita Witek, Minister of Education and Science Prof. Przemysław Czarnek, Minister of National Defense Mariusz Błaszczak, Minister of the Interior and Administration Mariusz Kamiński, President of the Institute for National Remembrance, Dr. Jaroslav Czarek. The head of the competition committee was a. Tadeusch Walsa.
The competition was organized by the Chancellery of the Chamber of Deputies, co-organized by Fundacja im. JJ Kortica.

Crimes in Katyn

In 2022 we celebrate the eighty-second anniversary of the Katyn massacre. The Katyn massacre is a deliberate genocide by the highest authorities of the USSR. On the orders of Joseph Stalin, more than 22,000 innocent Poles lost their lives. Among them were soldiers of the Polish army, policemen, flower Polish intelligentsia, representatives of many different professions. The memory of the murdered Poles is a duty from which no one can free us.

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