“What does the scientific term in silico mean?” – Eryk Rychtelski, a cafe owner from Radom, encountered this question in episode 430 of “Millionaires”. The answer was worth 125,000. zlotys. Did you give correct?

“Millionaires” – Episode 430.

In episode 430 of “Millionaires,” Eryk Rychtelski, a cafe owner from Radom, continues the game. In the audience, Mrs. Anita kept her fingers crossed for her husband. The man fought the first questions like a storm. The problem appeared for 75 thousand. zlotys, which read: Who wrote to whom in July 2018: “The current authorities want to destroy the independence of the courts (…) dismiss the judges of the Supreme Court to provide puppets”?

  • A: singer to singer
  • B: Singer for the president
  • A: The head singer
  • D: From boss to boss.

Mr. Eric used lifebuoys. First a phone call from a friend, then a half and a half. Finally, mark the correct answer A: The head singer. – Lech Wałęsa wrote to Mick Jagger this way – explained Hubert Urbański, host of “Millionaires”.

Unfortunately, another one Question about 125 thousand. zloty It also made it difficult for the participant.

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“Millionaires”: A term in silico is a scientific term indicating that the research was conducted:

  • A: In plastic plates
  • B: In the place
  • A: By computer
  • D: On silicone models.

– In silico? I don’t know this scientific term. However, I will reject the silicone models because they are too straightforward. Do you use a computer? I do not reckon. B told me he was in the right place. (…) I came to play a million. Maybe they’ll kill me at home, I don’t know. Finally, please mark answer B – the participant asked.

Robert’s wife was moved by his bold decision. Was the risk worth it? Unfortunately no. The correct answer is C: Use a computer.

– In silicon it means in silicon and relates to computer simulations and modeling of physical and chemical processes, for example during the search for a protein – explained Hubert Urbański.

author:Dominica Cherniska

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