In the final episode of “The Millionaires”, retired Jerzy continued to be the match for the main prize. He had no difficulty answering the first questions. Problems arose when ordering a guaranteed amount of 40 thousand. Zloty.

Millionaires. Josephine Baker’s most famous portrayal of a dancer is:

A) In banana skirt
B) Sit on a zebra
C) A bikini made of rose petals
D) Bare and plated gold

The participant decided to swap the question. If he had stayed and marked B, he wouldn’t be able to continue the game because the correct answer to these questions is A – in a banana skirt. The changed question also caused some difficulties for the player.

Millionaires. He is the oldest junior prime minister of Great Britain at 10 Downing Street:

B) Chief of Security
C) a gardener
D) a cat

The participant didn’t know the answer, so he used a lifebuoy to call a friend. Mr. Andrzej also did not know who the Rat Head was. Gears Kuhn decided to use another life buoy – half and half. After the computer ignored answers “b” and “c”, the competitor chose answer “d,” which turned out to be correct. The head of the rat is the head of the mousetrap in the service of the Cabinet Secretariat. Cats have performed this function since the 16th century.

“Millionaires” – What are the new episodes?

The first episode of the new season of Millionaires aired on Monday, February 15th. The following programs can be watched on TVN Monday through Thursday 20:55 and

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