Tim Witherspoon highlighted the generosity of Mike Tyson who revealed that the former heavyweight gave him £ 2,000.

It was in 2010 when the couple was having dinner parties in Liverpool.

Tyson’s hotel room was not fitted, so Witherspoon, who was with his daughter Shania, invited him to his home.

Iron Mike had a bag full of cash that he put on the bed to count.

Witherspoon felt he should have gone out, but instead Tyson stopped him and gave him a four-digit sun.

Tell the sun My daughter and I were from Tottenham in our hotel room and Mike’s room wasn’t ready yet, so he came to our room.

The generosity of Mike Tyson is highlighted

“Mike and several people came and opened a bag on our bed full of cash and threw it on the bed.

And I said to my daughter, ‘Come on, Shanaya, let’s get out of here because they’re counting the money.’

“There was a lot of money.” Mike said, “Sit! Where are you going? I said, ‘Well, we …’ He said, ‘No, sit down, man.’

He counted all the money and gave me Feldin. He was talking to me and my daughter.

“I thought that was really good of it.”

Witherspoon shed light on Tyson’s generosity, which he insisted was not rare.

The American was a two-time heavyweight champion before calling up time in his career in the ring in 2003.

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Tim Witherspoon struggled to work out after boxing

He struggled to find work afterward, but Tyson asked his fellow countryman to work with him as a special guest speaker.

“Even before in the old days, Mike was really generous,” he added.

“The promoter didn’t put me on the dinner show and Mike told him to put me on. Tyson made him put me on the show.

“I’m a former World Heavyweight Champion, I defeated Frank Bruno, but they didn’t want me to be on shows.

“Mike got to me and I also got paid. I think that was a good thing to do.

“Mike knows that we as boxers should stick to each other. He imposed it and made them show me in their shows.

“Because he thought it was wrong for them to turn their backs on me.”