After a significant increase in the number of immigrants entering Germany illegally through Belarus and Poland, the situation at the Polish-German border has significantly calmed, according to the assessment of the Brandenburg authorities bordering Poland. “In reality, the situation is not tense anymore,” Regional Interior Minister Michael Stubgen told the DPA.

European Union leaders denounced the exploitation of migrants through Belarus

At their summit in Brussels on Thursday, European Union leaders strongly condemned the exploitation of the Belarusian system of migrants and refugees as a tool.

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Deutsche Welle notes that the minister warned that we can in no way talk about a solution to a crisis that “could repeat itself at any time”.

According to Stubgen, the recorded decrease in the number of illegal crossings of the Polish-German border has several reasons. The first is that the number of immigrants who come alone is much less Belarus, because the flow was limited by the countries of origin and airlines. A large number of Iraqi immigrants, who were lured by the regime of Alexander Lukashenko to Belarus, were returned to the country by the Iraqi authorities, and Many of them also reside in the Lithuanian, Latvian and Polish transitional centers.

Diplomacy succeeded.

“Hard international diplomacy has worked,” Stubgen said. – He added that airlines have never been sanctioned, but have been reliably threatened. According to DPA, German police From January 1 to December 14, the federal state recorded a total of 10,949 people who illegally entered Germany via a route from Belarus through Poland. The largest number of such cases was in October – 5285. And in November – 2849. More than half of the immigrants went to Brandenburg, which asked the federal government to support immigrants and speed up their transfer to other federal states.

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The agency also notes that fewer people are entering European Union From Belarus, because Poland, Lithuania and Latvia have strengthened protection and fortifications on the borders, winter and low temperatures can also be important.

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