July 5, 2021, 15:46

Ubisoft withdrew from the sale of Might and Magic 10: Legacy. All because of a play ban issue that came up a couple of weeks ago.


  • Ubisoft withdraws from sale Might & Magic 10: Legacy.
  • This is due to the issue that occurred after shutting down the game’s security servers.
  • The company still has not corrected the error.

fans Might & Magic 10: Legacy I’ve had big problems lately. 2 weeks ago, Ubisoft Turn off Game servers responsible for DRM protection. This has led to a situation where the owners of the legal copy of the production cannot run it because they are considered pirates. Gamers quickly found a way to bypass the security, but they expected Ubisoft to fix the bug over time.

However, the French publisher does not intend to meet the expectations of the masses at the moment. The company did not restart the servers, nor did it fix the bug with an update. instead of this Might & Magic 10: Legacy It was simply withdrawn from sale. A solution of this nature will ensure that no new players will encounter this specific problem. However, the title holders were left to themselves.

Ubisoft pulls Might and Magic 10 from sale, avoiding fixing the problem - clarification #1

Ubisoft’s approach elicited an obvious backlash from frustrated fans who showed their dissatisfaction by blasting the review in steam. Among the comments posted, there were several accusations that the company would rather get rid of the problem than deal with it. However, the anger of frustrated players has not affected the publisher’s position so far. No actions have been announced to resolve the issue yet.

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