Raca Architekci designed an apartment of 66 sq.m. next to Uliwa Park in Gdaانسsk. The apartment is inspired by the current popular design of the 1950s and the mid-century style.

author: Housemarket.pl 22 MARC 2021 14:25

Space for conversations

After entering the apartment shown today, the first eyes usually fall on the daytime zone, which includes the living room, kitchen, and dining room. From the side of the corridor there is a place for a wardrobe with clothes, while from the side of the kitchen there is a place for food and dishes. From the kitchen side, the wardrobe has a rounded corner, which of course has a functional justification, but is also one of the few modernist touches in the interior. The clever design of the built-in storage made it possible to pull off hanging cabinets and replace them with a shelf. Thanks to this, the kitchen became visually lighter. Silestone gray quartz agglomerate was chosen by Cosentino for kitchen worktops and wall cladding. Its versatility means that the same style is reproduced in the bathroom and in the living area, such as the top of the TV cabinet. Cosentino has been selected for its high resistance to stains, damage and water, and is extremely easy to clean.

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– The apartment came to us by developer standard and its layout dictated the location of the kitchen against the TV wall. Both parts: the living room and kitchen combined with a dining table occupy a visually similar space in the living area. In the central part there is a table and sofa next to each other. This arrangement is very favorable for social gatherings. The table becomes the heart of the home, and with more guests, allows you to comfortably gather around it, Marta and Mishao Racha says about the project.

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Spanish accent on the treasury

The architects’ TV cabinet top in this living room is finished in the same shade of the Cosentino Silestone range used in the kitchen. This very versatile material has many uses. It can be used as a countertop in a bathroom, kitchen, wall cladding, flooring, and even a sink basin! The Silestone shade palette available in Poland includes nearly fifty designs, but the architects and Gdańsk apartment owners liked the Desert Silver cover in matte color more than others. To give the cabinet lightness, it was decided to rotate its brass sides and legs. Brass tape also appears as a detail underneath the table top.

We love projects where designers play with our materials, and we perceive them not only from a functional perspective, but also as permanent decor for various spaces. Here, it was used as a finish for furniture, kitchen and bathroom surfaces, and at the same time became a common denominator in various rooms – says Anita Connoruca, Marketing Director at Cosentino Polska of the Silestone conglomerate.

Light shapes

The dining table and chairs have precise and precise shapes so as not to visually burden the central part of the living room. The table is custom made to design by Raca Architekci, the chairs are by Fameg. The effect lamp above the table also deserves special attention. In the living room there is a wardrobe with a comfortable chair for reading. The most important element of this area is a large velvet sofa with red upholstery that complements the color of the interior. This strong color is softened by the gray carpet and black metal tables.

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Without an agreement

The bathroom has a color scheme that indicates the rest of the apartment. In front of the entrance there is a hanging cabinet with a wash basin, a shelf under the cabinet and a mirror. These seemingly independent elements make up a visually unbreakable whole. The top and wall above it are finished with gray Silestone quartz used in kitchen and living room.

Here the functionality and well-thought-out decor of the entire apartment are combined with an interesting form of high-quality solutions and materials presented to the owners of Raca Architekci. All, despite subtle hues based on earthy tones, are expressive and interesting. Who crosses the threshold, seduces and sleeps.