Cloud Gaming on Xbox consoles, Yanks says, could be a game-changer. Well, let’s imagine such a situation. We are the lucky owners Game Pass UltimateBut we have an Xbox One. However, we would like to play, for example, in Microsoft Flight Simulator or average. It is impossible today. But with Christmas coming, that will change.

With the support of cloud games, which Microsoft intends to present from the upcoming holidays, we will launch the new generation games on the oldest. At the same time, problems related to lack of disk space will end. Everything will work in the cloud.

Microsoft announces “100 high-quality library games” Xbox Game Pass without having to use up valuable disk space or waiting for installation.” The option to play the game in the cloud will apply to titles with a cloud icon.

Minecraft Dungeons w Xbox Game Pass

The exact release date of the service is not yet known. However, it is known that its tests will begin in the fall.


It is worth noting that thanks to Cloud Gaming from Xbox, you can really play on everything: consoles, powerful PCs, old laptops, as well as smartphones with not only Android, but also iOS. So it’s all with the Apple logo.

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