Microsoft decided to encourage gamers to buy in a very unusual way. The company sends $100 gift cards to random users. The lucky ones should properly prepare for the upcoming holidays.

From time to time, Microsoft surprises gamers by sending them gift cards, but usually coupons of $ 20 or 50 arrive in customer boxes, thanks to which interested parties can make purchases in the Microsoft Store. Now, however, the company has decided to go crazy.

As it turns out, Microsoft sends emails to select players in which the company encourages them to make purchases during the holidays. The lucky ones can redeem a gift card worth up to $100.

Check your emails: Microsoft Store sends emails to random users with a $100 gift card. Message subject: “Here’s $100 to start your Christmas shopping.”

It is difficult to say who can get such a great gift, but it is definitely worth checking the boxes in which you registered Xbox accounts.