We already know why Microsoft casually mentioned Windows at its annual Build conference. Windows 10 is so important this year that it will have its own presentation.

during Microsoft Build 2021 We’ve been into the biggest Windows update in a decade, Satya Nadella said vaguely in his opening speech. However, after this bold statement, we did not see anything that would reveal even the secret of what the update might be.

We already know why. Updating Windows 10 is so important that it will have its own presentation.

We will know the future of Windows on June 24th.

Aside from the history and graphics depicting the “windows” logo, we don’t know any details. However, the edge does itThat both Satya Nadella and Panos Panay, who are in charge of the producer’s scheme, will appear on stage during the show.

So it is expected that we will not only see the future of Windows, but also the devices on which that future will happen – perhaps the Surface Pro 8 and the new version of the Surface Studio.

Although we do not know the details, many things can be guessed. The flagship update that Satya Nadella pointed out during Build 2021 might be Windows 10 21H2, named Temporary Sun Valley.

The list of changes in the new update is unknown, but it is known that a massive visual facelift will be in its center. We can actually get a taste of this look by looking at the new system icons – finally! – Unifying the appearance of the interface.

Plus, maybe we can just continue on the path of Microsoft’s openness. Quoting my editorial colleague Maciek Gajewski, Windows is supposed to work everywhere and with everything. For several years, Microsoft has been constantly going in the exact opposite direction of Apple – instead of locking users and programmers more and more tightly in a golden cage, it is opening up to third-party input and multiple platforms.

Personally, I have a long list of things I’d like to see in Windows 10 other than the new icons. For a good start, it would be satisfying to end issues with Bluetooth audio or color management when multiple monitors are connected, because these aspects have been limp in Windows for years and no situation update has occurred.

However, we will have to wait until June 24 for details. If this is indeed the “most important Windows update in a decade”, there is definitely something to be waiting for.

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