Title Border Barriers Financing He appeared at the European Council in October in Brussels. Part of the heads of state and government participating behind closed doors, including the most severe leading Denmark has criticized European Commission President Mette Frederiksen for refusing to fund such fences at the EU’s external borders. Von der Line But she remained adamant. She said the EU would not fund “barbed wire and walls” to contain the flow of migrants.

“Why would Poland fund the construction of the barriers on its own?”

In a confrontation Escalation of the situation at the Polish-Belarus border However, this issue goes back to discussions between EU decision-makers in Brussels and EU capitals. Michelle You realize that many countries support the allocation of EU funds to build a strong and costly border barrier. In October, twelve countries, in a letter to the European Commission, called on the European Union to do so. The letter was signed by: Austria, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Greece, Hungary, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland and Slovakia.

“Why Poland Should the Baltic states finance the construction of such physical barriers on their own? After all, it is the common external border of the entire European Union, ”- one of the diplomats told PAP.

It is unofficially known that Michel wants to discuss About it among EU leaders, which the Commission does not like.

Yes discussion It is likely to be held at the EU summit in December, but due to the escalating situation on the external borders of the EU, there was also a proposal to organize a special EU summit earlier.

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If what is happening on the border with Poland is not a serious challenge European UnionWhich requires a quick discussion at the EU summit, so what is it? – One of the diplomats told PAP.

Such a summit can be held in the second half of November. Michel’s office is looking for opportunities to hold a special meeting of the European Council.

Germany besides Michel?

Although Germany did not participate in it With a message from 12 countriesThis is where they can be Michelle’s ally. Minister of the Interior of the State Horst Seehofer On Tuesday, in an interview with the daily Bild, he appealed to the European Union to “take measures” to stop the flow of migrants from Belarus to the Polish-Belarus border. Seehofer also supported the construction of a permanent dam on the border with Belarus.

Neither Poland nor Germany can cope with this situation alone. We must help the Polish government to secure the external borders. This should be the task of the European Commission. I am calling for action. The European Union must create a united front Seehofer said in an interview.

The European Parliament can also be an ally of countries that want EU funding to protect borders. Recently, the leader of the largest political faction in this establishment declared the European People’s Party, Manfred Weber Support the use of EU funds for this purpose. – It is very difficult to understand the policy of European politics in the European Parliament why the European Union cannot finance a physical fence on the border with Belarus – He said.

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It’s not even about money, it’s about principle. On whether these are our common external borders of the European Union and whether they should be jointly protected – said a senior EU diplomat in an interview with PAP.

Money is not the only problem for Brussels

But money is not the only problem facing Brussels. EU leaders and diplomats want to ask the Commission and the European External Action Service (which is headed by the EU’s chief diplomacy Josep Borrell) about the effects of their actions in contacts with the capitals of the countries of origin of immigrants.

At the beginning of the crisis on the eastern border of the European Union, Borrell was in Iraq, where, among other things, he held talks on combating migrant smuggling. However, the commission announced on Tuesday that due to the crisis at the Polish-Belarus border, it is targeting up to 20 countries from which migrants may come and which may be a potential transit route for people. This raises questions about the effects of the European Commission in its conversations with these countries.

The EU institutions are verbally active, but look worse in practice. It’s time to question the results of their work – says a diplomat. This topic may appear at the meeting of EU foreign ministers next Monday.

Von der Leyen, wanting to save the situation, decided to send the Vice-President of the European Commission to the countries of origin of the migrants. Margaritisa Schinasa. However, the details of his trip to persuade leaders of Arab countries to dissuade their citizens from traveling to Belarus and trying to cross the European Union border are still unknown.

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Although Schinas has been involved in immigration policy at the European Commission, Borrell has so far been responsible for contacts with capitals on migrant smuggling. In Brussels, it is no secret that the relationship between the Commission and the European External Action Service is not the best.

Borrell has not commented on the border situation since Monday.