Robert Mazuric was the first to reveal the Carpenter Nomination. “As I hear, Mike Carpenter will be the new US ambassador to Poland. The ambassador is a specialist in Central and Eastern Europe, he’s been with Biden for a long time. Oh, he’s got a husband and two kids” – wrote the RMF FM correspondent on Twitter.

The entry was removed immediately, and the editor himself explained that it appeared in the profile by mistake. “I would like to delete anyway, like all tweets not related to wine. Have a good evening,” he commented briefly. However, the speculation machine began – which Michael Carpenter did not fail to comment on. “Wow, how many new followers are from Poland. Hello,” a former advisor to Vice President Joe Biden wrote on Twitter.

The official did not decide to close all reports until Saturday afternoon. “I was deeply touched by the influx of letters from Poland with words of support, greetings and warm wishes. However, the rumors that I will be ambassador are untrue. I intend to continue working on strengthening Polish-American relations, but not in this position,” Mike Carpenter wrote.

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Michael Carpenter is one of Joe Biden’s closest advisors, who was very keen to appear in the Polish media during the 2020 presidential election campaign. And with good reason, she is supposed to have Polish roots. During Biden’s tenure as vice president, it was Carpenter who was behind the success in foreign policy.

He also served as Deputy Minister of Defense for Russia, Ukraine, Eurasia and the Balkans, and Director of Russia in the National Security Council under President Barack Obama. Michael Carpenter – according to an official résumé – worked for the United States embassies in Poland, Slovenia and Barbados.

A: I do not think that the quality of bilateral relations between Poland and the United States will be damaged and that cooperation will weaken. Joe Biden has always worked to promote dialogue between our two countries. Poland and the Polish community abroad have a special place in his heart – Michael Carpenter said in an interview with “DGP”.

On January 19, 2021, former US ambassador Georgette Mossbacher completed his diplomatic mission in Poland. – I brought strength, and supported. I arrived in Poland when I was the consul in Krakow. Later, we were like twins. She always said, “We finish each other’s sentences” – and it was true. Chargé d’Affairs Pecs Aliou said in an interview with the Polish Army that it was a great collaboration.