Matt Michael Abted is a prominent British documentary director, director and producer of feature films. He was 79 years old. Roy Ashton of Gersh has reported his death, but its causes remain unknown.

Michael Aptide – Career Highlights

Michael Appted was born in Aylesbury, United Kingdom on February 10, 1941. He studied history and law, and came to the world of cinema by working in television – he started as an intern and researcher in Granada, UK. In the 1960s, he mainly produced series and short documentaries. This breakthrough came with the first episode of the massive series “Up”, which documents the life, growth, and problems of a group of Cambridge children at the age of seven. Despite Paul Almond standing behind the “Seven Up!” With production since 1964, however, Apted has turned it into one of the most popular documentaries. He returned to his heroes ten more times – in “7 plus Seven,” “21 Up,” “28 Up,” “35 Up,” and so on, until the life of “63 Up” as of 2019. His documentaries also include Bringing the Night On the sting and “moving the mountain” around the protests in the Square of Heavenly Peace.

Getty Images © Kevin Winter

Michael Abted at the 2011 Directors Guild Awards

Michael Aptide waited until 1972 for his long debut – the war drama “Triple Echo”. He later made, among other things, the iconic “Stardust” starring David Bowie, Oscar-winning “Miner’s Daughter” with Oscar-winning Sissy Spacek in the title role and “Gorillas in the Fog” which was critically acclaimed with the performance. Outstanding Sigourney Weaver. His films also include “Neil”, “Enigma” and “The World Is Not Enough”, the 19th film about the adventures of James Bond. His last story was “The Identity of the Traitor” from 2017.

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Michael Aptide is a two-time BAFTA winner of the series “Up”, an Ecumenical Jury Award winner at the Berlin Film Festival and a director of the Directors Guild Award for his work on the series “Roma”. His films have been repeatedly nominated for an Academy Award and have won Academy Awards or a Golden Globe – “Astrologer Daughter” was nominated seven times for an Academy Award, and won the award Cissy Spacek. Gorillas in the fog won five Academy Award nominations and two Golden Globe Music and Weaver Awards. In 2003, Apteda was elected President of the American Directors Association.

He left behind three sons – Paul, Jim, John and the widow Big Simpson.