The Hungarian Police National Bureau of Investigation reported on its website that a gang that sold fake PCR tests for COVID-19 has been smashed in Hungary, causing damage to more than 7 million forints (90,000 PLN).

fake medical product

Proceedings were initiated against the gang members who, according to preliminary results, defrauded nearly 100 people. It is suspected that in 2020 they advertised and sold fake PCR tests on the website of the Hungarian Economic Society, which were completely unsuitable for testing.

The suspects – as determined by investigators – used a company for their activities, the director of which did not perform the actual duties, only revealing his name. They sold common sampling materials with a different label as PCR tests.

The organizer of the procedure was a 47-year-old resident of the city of Moore in northwestern Hungary, who was arrested on October 6. Two of his comrades from the nearby town of Veszprem were also investigated.

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