Before Meghan Markle met Prince Harry, she was a successful actress who starred in the popular legal drama Suits, had her own website called The Tig and had secured several contracts with fashion designers. Speaking of her accomplishments, celeb biographer Sean Smith revealed how Megan was able to boost her profile so quickly.

In his new book, Meghan Misunderstood, the author says Meghan used communication style when visiting London in the summer of 2016.

He wrote, “One of the strategies Megan used to boost her profile was to position herself next to a celebrity; both of them could benefit from the resulting publicity.

“This approach was successful, for example, when she was pictured with Irish golf champion, Rory McIlroy.

“He poured cold water on her as part of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge that was so popular for a while.

“Rory had nominated Megan, which means he was the one who filtered the water and she was the one who was flooded.”

Mr. Smith also revealed that Megan was confident sending messages to people she didn’t know, hoping they would respond and start a conversation.

He said, “Megan never paid attention to cold messages.

“She was out of date using social media to communicate.

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“But it was more than that … it looked real.

“Like the kind of chick you’d like to have a drink with, who manipulates mom’s hood as a producer / host / model / designer and isn’t afraid to mess or laugh at herself.”

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She later asked Heidi to contribute to the blog.

Meghan first met Prince Harry in the summer of 2016, after a mutual friend set them up.

The couple immediately shocked her and began meeting regularly, which led to the announcement of the couple’s official relationship in November of that year.

As the relationship got more serious, Megan began to take a step back from her previous life.

She did not renew her commercial contracts, closed her blog and withdrew from the lawsuits.

Meghan Misunderstood by Sean Smith (HarperCollins, £ 16.99) coming out November 12th.