It was originally reported that Megan and Harry are planning to make a reality TV show about their lives, hHowever, one actor has since denied the allegations. The Netflix deal sparked outrage from royal commentators who believed Meghan and Harry were misusing their titles to gain influence in contract negotiations. Norman Baker, Minister for Crime Prevention, told Good Morning Britain that Harry had “divorced himself from the royal family” and was “apparently taking advantage of” his ties to Buckingham Palace. He added, “His Royal Highness means that he represents Britain abroad, and does not represent Britain abroad. It is clear that he divorced himself from the royal family in practice.”

Despite the denial, insiders close to the couple claimed that they showed a behind-the-scenes video of their lives as members of the Netflix royals according to the Daily Mail.

This came on the heels of the Sussex royals announcing their £ 112mn deal with the broadcast giant.

It was initially believed that the couple would look to producer roles rather than on-screen performances in their deal.

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A representative for Megan and Harry categorically ruled out any opportunity to present the royal reality in Sussex.

In a statement sent to Deadline, the actor said, “The Duke and Duchess are not participating in any reality shows.”

Netflix has been more careful with details, and refused to confirm what the couple would have to offer.

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They told RadioTimes, “The couple already has several projects in development, including an innovative documentary series on nature and an animated series that celebrates inspiring women but we are not revealing any of the shows at this time.”

A source close to the couple said Megan and Harry would be followed by cameras for three months to film their daily lives.

They might have had all these lofty ideas about producing epics that shed light on the environmental causes and the poverty gap, but it’s clear that Netflix wants a pound of meat.

“A lot of the documentaries will be about their charity rather than what they do behind closed doors.

“But it will still be a great vision and Megan hopes viewers will see what she is.”

Meghan and Harry’s £ 1 million deal with Netflix came after their decision to step back from the royal family in March.

Since then, the couple moved to Montecito, California and bought their first home before signing off with the broadcast giant.

The exact details of the couple’s contract with Netflix have not been revealed, but it has been rumored that Meghan and Harry are looking to further co-productions.

The couple also said in a statement announcing the deal that they would focus on “creating content that conveys information but also gives hope.”