Journalists in the newspapers Denik N and Respekt found that the Russian services most likely tried to provoke or establish cooperation with diplomats from the Czech embassy in Moscow. According to them, it was for this reason that the Russian ambassador was summoned to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Prague at the end of March.

Czech Republic expels 70 diplomats and employees of the Russian embassy

The Czech Republic is expelling more diplomats and staff of the Russian diplomatic mission. 70 people have until the end of May to leave Prague.

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According to press sources, one of the diplomats An invitation to a meeting in a remote area of ​​the Russian capital. However, he did not respond to the proposal and reported it to his superiors.

In the second case, the newspapers described it as more dangerous, with a diplomat I called on the street and asked to cooperate. The person had to convince him that he knew the status of the diplomat’s family and threatened that he could be expelled from Russia at any time. The threats were renewed on the same day.

These incidents were to be reported to the administration of the Czech Embassy and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Prague. According to the companies “Denik N” and “Respekt”, the Czech Ministry of Diplomacy has evaluated it. Attempts as espionage activity And he took the situation seriously. On March 26, the Russian ambassador in Prague, Alexander Zmigoskij, was summoned to the headquarters of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. According to journalists, the Czech side demanded at the meeting to stop such actions immediately.

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According to the sources quoted by the two newspapers, no direct offer of cooperation was made by the Russian circles, but the Ministry of Foreign Affairs considered that the measures taken constitute the first step in making such a proposal. According to the ministry, the Czech diplomats They may later be asked to provide classified state information.

It is possible that the actions of the Russians were supposed to prepare arguments for the expulsion of the employees of the Czech facility from Moscow, as Czech journalists assert. This will be in response to the recognition of the Russian Deputy Ambassador in Prague as persona non grata, which was made on March 29.

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