McDonald’s is updating the packaging of its products offered in restaurants. The new images have simple graphics indicating the dishes they contain. Their design is made by design firm Pearlfisher, according to the portal.

The new package designs include simple graphics indicating the products inside. Draw sesame rolls on a cardboard box in Big Mac, blue waves on a fillet or fish package, and egg muffins – a yellow circle to symbolize the yolk.

The beauty lies in the simplicity of the distinctive elements McDonald’s menu. Our goal was to find the most unique, unique and iconic expressions for each – celebrating it in a way that brings a smile to your face, said Matt Sia, Creative Director of Pearl Fisher.

Photo: Press materials

The last change to McDonald’s packaging was in 2016. The new packaging denotes what’s hidden inside.

The new packaging is help McDonald’s employees When completing orders. It will appear in chain of restaurants around the world in the next two years, and is scheduled to start in fall 2021. As he writes for the “WM” portalMcDonald’s last packaging change was in 2016.

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