Grzegorz Pietruczuk confirmed that Pilani could guarantee five apartments for Afghan collaborators (including their families) from the Polish military contingent in that state.

The apartments have been renovated and decorated. Of course, families will have to go through official procedures, although it will be shortened – he said in an interview with polsat news. The mayor added that it also serves living and legal assistance.

The final decision rests with President Rafai Trzaskovsky.

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Matthews Morawiecki on the situation in Afghanistan

– This is a very good initiative, and if necessary, the city will certainly benefit from the offer of the mayor. At the moment, we don’t know how many people will want to come and stay in Warsaw – she said polsat news City Council spokeswoman, Monica Booth-Lutec.

The difficult situation in Afghanistan. Dramatic scenes in Kabul

On Sunday, President Ashraf Ghani left the country, possibly on his way to Tajikistan. NATO forces are helping to maintain control of the Kabul airport and to coordinate the evacuation of the Afghan capital.

Thousands of people have stormed Kabul’s airport since Sunday, hoping to be able to get out of the country. However, commercial flights were suspended as the Americans and other Western countries sent their planes to Kabul to evacuate their citizens. Afghan media are showing videos showing crowds of desperate people climbing stairs to planes and trampling, even though the planes probably couldn’t take off anyway.

The President of the United States interrupts his vacation. He will give a speech on Afghanistan

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The American soldiers who took control of the airport several hours before opened fire on the Afghans. Although the Taliban have set up checkpoints around the airport and it is impossible to get there or leave the airport, since the morning thousands of Afghans have been pulled in this direction.

The United States has already evacuated all embassy staff in Kabul to the airport, including the ambassador. As a result, the huge building was left empty. Diplomats were also evacuated Great BritainAnd GermanyAnd FranceAnd SwedenThe Czech Republic and the United Arab Emirates. Russia also started the evacuation, which had previously reported that there was no such need. Western countries have also begun the process of evacuating Afghan translators who have worked with them in recent years. Such activities are conducted United States of Americaor Great Britain or the Czech Republic or Slovakia.

Afghan Mayor Zafira GhafariMayors from Afghanistan: I’m waiting for them to come and kill me

In a special statement, 60 countries, including the United States and Poland, called on the Taliban to allow all foreigners and all Afghans who wish to leave the country to leave Afghanistan.

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These pictures will be imprinted in the memory of the world for a long time. The disaster of the West at Kabul airport

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