On July 23, 2001, Max Payne debuted. Sam Lake and James McCaffrey made a special video to thank fans for their support. The cult hero has not received a new adventure for a long time, but as you can see, the early creators remember about the character.

We haven’t had a new Max Payne series adventure in years and can’t count on a great return for the hero. Currently, the trademark rights are owned by Rockstar (Take-Two), but as you know, the developers are developing the Grand Theft Auto series … In fact, they are still developing new content for GTA Online.

Remedy Entertainment was responsible for the first part of the series It now deals, among other things, with the Control chain According to rumors The developers are also working on a new adventure by Alan Wake. However, the creators did not forget about the unique hero and recorded interesting material.

In the movie you’ll see Sam Lake and James McCaffrey thank fans for their support – it’s definitely an interesting situation, because as you know, Lake is now the creative director and writer for Remedy, and McCaffrey is still collaborating with the studio and voices different characters. Much has changed since 2001, but the authors decided to mention a few.

I’d give a lot for a full reboot of Max – one with a modest plot refresh, with a next-gen setting, new locations and improved gameplay… Are you still coming back to this adventure?