Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki has confirmed that the Afghan ambassador to Poland, Tahir Qadri, will be given the right to remain in Poland if he feels threatened. – We will give shelter to all the friends of Poland – added the head of the government on the day the attacks were carried out in front of Kabul Airport.

Prime Minister of Polish Radio24, when asked about Thursday attacks in KabulHe stressed that the situation in and around the airport being evacuated is becoming increasingly dire. – We were aware of this and that is why we started the evacuation in June. The head of government said in June, when we saw that the progress of the Taliban forces was very fast.

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He also added, no one in the world realized that the Afghan government forces would collapse so quickly. – So, today we are dealing with a large-scale evacuation. This is Poland’s commitment to our citizens – we have already made this commitment – as well as to our friends, the people who helped us, either as translators or as a service in support of our diplomatic activities in Afghanistan, Mateusz Morawiecki emphasized.

According to the prime minister, “the latest attack (Thursday) shows how dramatic, how difficult and chaotic the situation is now, and perhaps it will be in the coming weeks in Kabul.”

Afghan Ambassador to Poland Tahir QadriPiotr Nowak / PAP

Morawiecki: We will house all the friends of Poland

In response to a question about the fate of the Afghan ambassador to Poland, Morawiecki replied that he would be given the right to remain in Poland if he felt threatened. He noted that the ambassador carried out a mission for the authorities in the Kabul region and Afghanistan.

– However, you also have to take into account the reality, the strength of the facts, the fact that the vast majority of the territory of Afghanistan was occupied by the Taliban. Accordingly, the fate of this ambassador and all the other ambassadors will be in the hands of those ambassadors and the countries in which they were hosted. Morawiecki assured, of course, that we would give shelter to all the friends of Poland and also to the ambassador, if he so desired.

Meanwhile, the Prime Minister thanked the Afghan ambassador for his “very conciliatory attitude” and for his appreciation of Polish efforts. He also thanked Deputy Foreign Minister Marcin Przydać, the diplomatic corps, the uniform, and especially the army. – We showed the efficiency and speed of our work. Our support has also been used by the services of NATO, the European Union, Lithuania, the Czech Republic and Germany; The head of the government said that citizens of different countries were flown by Polish planes.

Main image source: Piotr Nowak / PAP

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