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This is what it looked like tonight in the immigrant camp near Konica

European Union Aeroflot is accused of transporting migrants from the Middle East to Minsk, and therefore wants to impose sanctions on them. The carrier does not intend to leave it that way, especially since the reports quickly had a negative impact on him – the value of his shares on the Moscow Stock Exchange fell sharply. Aeroflot warned that it intends to fight for the interests of the company, even in court.

– As far as I know, the United States has prepared sanctions that will come into force in early December – said Ursula von der Leyen, whose words I quoted before Bloomberg. boss European Commission It is believed that ‘the crisis on the border with Biorosian It is the result of an attack by an authoritarian regime ”, so he also announced the extension of sanctions against the country of Lukashenka. The national carrier of Russia may be subject to sanctions, which are being prepared not only by the European Union and the United States, but also by Great Britain.

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Where are the immigrants? “They have been imprisoned. Belarus will not allow them to return.”

Russian airlines denied reports of mass transit of migrants

as he knows ReutersOn Thursday, November 11, representatives of the Russian airline Aeroflot denied reports that migrants had been taken on their planes. In the announcement, they mentioned that Aeroflot’s offer does not include regular contacts IraqIran and Syrian Arab RepublicBecause the flights of citizens of these countries through Russia require them to obtain transit visas. Citing statistics, they added that from October 1, 2021, from the capital Lebanon, Beirut, 19 people traveled to Minsk via Moscow.

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Alexander LukashenkaPoland’s National Independence Day. Lukashenka expressed his best wishes to the Poles