Shepherd’s indoctrination theory, although highly appreciated by fans of the series Mass effect It is very popular, this is not true, which has been repeated many times by employees of the Bioware studio. Also posted on the site The player A few days ago in an interview, the screenwriter Mass effect 3Chris Heppler admitted that he was full of admiration for the people who invented it.

Heppler admitted that the idea of ​​brainwashing the Rippers was something that no one on the screenwriting team came up with. To quote Chris:

We weren’t smart enough to find out. The indoctrination theory is very interesting but made entirely by fans. Although, we’ve given her some grounding with some scenes coming out at the end Mass effect 3Didn’t we think about what? More. For the theory to be our plan, we must include it throughout the trilogy. And we didn’t.

Heppler also added that he liked this development at the end of the trilogy Mass effect I am delighted that fans are prolific in making fan stories, which adds an incentive to freely interpret the game’s stories.

If you don’t have a chance to play the hat-trick yet Mass effect, to me Remastered It will debut on May 14 on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Apart from the games, the set also includes all the add-ons released for these games.