Crystal Dynamics studio has been informed of changes to be made to the game’s progression system Marvel Avengers With the update the Hawkeye character is added to the game. After the premiere, Champion patches will evolve more slowly than they do todayWhich of course translates into gaining skill points quickly.

curve ?? Present ?? XP is not a curve at all. In most RPGs, the amount of experience needed to level up increases once you reach it, but our system is like a straight line. This has led to issues with the pace of development, for example Skill Points are now awarded very quickly, which can be confusing and confusing for new players. We want every investment decision in skill or heroic ability to have a greater meaning ?? We read in the blog post.

Changes will also take place in the cosmetic regime. Game developers want it to be less random? Instead, players will have the option to apply for specific shapes or emotions that interest them. Things that could have been obtained so far by completing missions and “dropping”. From Strongboxes, we can purchase in stores, paying so-called units (in-game currency). This will be the only way to possess these items.

Amendments to the trial system will take effect on March 18, after which the rebuilding process will begin.. However, in the latter case, we will have to wait a little for all the effects of the developers’ work (the exact amount has not been determined).