Author: Minister Błaszczak
Minister Blaszczak

National Defense Minister Mariusz Bosachtak has just finished his visit to the United States of America. He visited some of the most important places. It was among other things a cemetery in American Czestochowa, the largest ancient cemetery outside Poland. He also laid wreaths at the grave of the commander of the 303rd Squadron, General Witold Urbanovich, and at the memorial to the Avenger, a kneeling siege is depicted. but that is not all.

Minister of National Defense At first he visited the cemetery in A.In American Częstochowa. He also laid wreaths at the memorial to the Avenger, a hussar is depicted kneeling, and at the grave of the commander of the 303rd Squadron, General Witold Urbanovich. Light candles on graves, incl. Świętokrzyska brigade commanders of the NSZ Antoni Szacki “Bohun”, Lieutenant Marian Dorr-Dorynek, Dr. Teofil Starzynski and many other dignitaries. Monuments to the Minister were presented: the Monument to the Cursed Soldiers, the Monument to General Władysław Anders and the Smolensk Obelisk. The entire ceremony was held with the help of General Krzysztof Nolbert in the spiritual capital of Poland. The minister recalled what was the great event and the liberation of the whole nation for the defense of Poland against the attack of the Bolshevik tyrant, and at the same time the defense of Europe. Błaszczak also thanked the Polish community for its contribution and assistance in strengthening Polish-American relations. He also met with the main representatives of the Association of Polish Army Veterans. On the third day, he visited Doylestown, Pennsylvania, where he had the opportunity to meet the head of the Pentagon, Lloyd Austin, and Polish soldiers training to operate Patriot Systems in Oklahoma. He conducted a test drive of the Abrams tank at the factory in Ohio.

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