Geographically, Mariupol is only a small piece of land, but its strategic location is prohibited by the Russian army, which attacked Ukraine from the Crimea. If the Russians could take Mariupol, they wouldn’t have a problem Connect with allies in Donbass.

As the former commander of the BBC’s Joint Armed Forces General Richard Barrons says, the capture of Mariupol is An essential element of the Russian campaign.

“When the Russians feel that they have successfully completed this battle, they will secure the land route from Russia to the Crimea and consider it a great strategic success,” he said.

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Ukrainian coast

In the event of the capture of Mariupol, Russia would also have full control of more than 80 percent. The coast of Ukraine on the Black Sea cut off its maritime trade and further isolated it from the world.

Approximately 6000 people are involved in the siege of Mariupol. Russian soldiers. If Putin’s army can capture the city, it will be possible to move them to other parts of Ukraine, thus enhancing the odds Attack on Kyiv for example.

advertising success

The capture of Mariupol would also be a huge publicity success for Putin. The city is the headquarters of the Ukrainian militia unit known as the Azov Brigade. The unit consists of Right-wing extremists.