As the German news agency (DPA) has written, many EU leaders are skeptical that this will happen Patent suspension It will make the vaccine supply improve rapidly in the world.

Chancellor Angela Merkel, who did not attend the European Union summit in Porto due to the epidemic due to the epidemic, is definitely against this – as the German news agency confirms – but she spoke to the participants via video links. The German head of government believes that suspending vaccine patents is a bad idea, because China could benefit from this by adopting knowledge and technology to produce modern preparations against Covid-19.

Skeptical of the European Commission

He is skeptical about the initiative he supports, among other things the President of the United States Joe Biden is also President of the European Commission. In the short and medium term, the patent suspension will not lead to additional vaccine doses. Ursula von der Leyen in Porto stressed that we need more vaccine availability and increased exports.

The German News Agency (DPA) quoted the representative of the European Union as saying that the position of the US President is ambiguous and perhaps tactical in nature. He stressed that the United States itself allows only small quantities of vaccines to be exported from the country.

President Joe Biden on Wednesday expressed support for a waiver of World Trade Organization rules and suspension of intellectual property rights for pharmaceutical companies for coronavirus vaccines.

This solution was proposed by India and South Africa. This will enable preparations against Covid-19 to be produced in poor countries, where access is currently very limited.

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