2021-06-17 12:30

2021-06-17 12:30

Manduria Adventure City.  Renaissance theme park will open in July
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Mandoria City of Adventure – a family theme park entirely designed as a Renaissance merchant city – will offer family roller coasters, themed carousels, on-water boats, a gigantic slide, and dozens of other unusual attractions.

Mandoria is located in the City of Fashion, PTAK in Rzgów, the first all-year amusement park in central Poland, and at the same time the largest amusement park in Europe located in the building. Its designers relied on an original idea inspired by the Renaissance. The attractions are an integral part of the created world, and Mandoria guests should feel as if they have entered a real city centuries ago.

“The park was designed entirely as a 16th-century trading town,” explains Daniel Zielinski, manager of Manduria. – It has its inhabitants and its secrets. The attractions are part of this world and the most important to many visitors. However, it must be emphasized that Mandoria is a family garden that can be rediscovered all the time. What is important is that guests will experience it together, because all attractions can be enjoyed by both children and adults. ”

Many attractions await guests in the city of adventure. There we can find both family roller coasters as well as classic carousels and boats floating on the water. They all have their own unique names and are designed according to the garden theme. Chief among them: the Merkant roller coaster, Leonardo’s Lighthouse – bicycles float above the ground, the Galeon that spins in the harbor, the Treasury – any labyrinth of mirrors that hide many secrets, a two-tiered Venetian caravan, or a circular jewel chain. Many of Mandoria’s attractions are adapted to the needs of people with disabilities.

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The doors of the Mandoria will open to guests on July 8 at 10:00. Tickets to the park have started to be sold and until the opening of Mandoria is carried out only on the website mandoria.com. A ticket costs 99 PLN. Children under 85 cm in height are exempted from this fee. Soon after the park opens, the annual pass will be available for sale, intended for people who plan to visit Manduria more than once a year.