Malta amends entry regulations. From July 14, the country will not allow people who have not been fully vaccinated to enter its territory. – We will be the first country in the European Union to impose this ban, but we must protect our community – the Minister of Health of Malta, Chris Fern, confirmed at a press conference.

On Malta There has been a significant increase in new cases of Covid-19 in the past week. For this reason, fearing a new wave of infections, the country’s authorities decided to change the entry rules.

Until now, tourists coming to Malta have had to be fully vaccinated or provide a negative PCR test result. The only exception is British tourists who needed a full vaccination due to the delta variant there. However, these regulations will change from next Wednesday.

Only Malta has been vaccinated

From 14 July, only people who have been fully vaccinated against Covid-19 will be accepted into Malta. The exception applies to children aged 5-12, who will be allowed to enter the island with a negative PCR test (no later than 72 hours before the flight) and will be accompanied by fully vaccinated parents.

Children under five do not need the test to travel with fully vaccinated parents or legal guardians.

Minister Verne informed that Malta only recognizes Covid certificates issued by the European Union and Great Britain. He added that the certificate of convalescence after illness and the certificate of vaccination, which did not pass 14 days since the last dose was given, will not be accepted.

– From Wednesday, we will only recognize part of the EU certificate for people who have been fully vaccinated – confirmed the head of the Ministry of Health in Malta.

The restrictions on leaving the country will also affect the unvaccinated Maltese population. People who have not completed the full course of vaccination will not be allowed to go to some countries without a special permit. Unvaccinated Maltese returning home will have to be isolated.

Increasing disease rates in Malta

The reason for the changes in the entry regulations is the increasing number of infections. Malta has doubled the number of new infections every day since 5 July.

Minister Verne said the latest cases of coronavirus have emerged among guests who tested negative before boarding the plane but were not vaccinated. Most of them are young people who have resided in Malta in English courses. Schools offering such courses will be closed from Wednesday.

In Malta, 79% are fully vaccinated against COVID-19. grown ups. There were days on the island in June that no cases of coronavirus were recorded, but the number of infected people rose sharply this week, reaching 96 on Friday.

Source: PAP,

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